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Shanghai Cruise Terminals and Ports Location Cruise shipTrsp

2022-06-07 03:48

Shanghai Cruise Port is an important port of call on all Asia Pacific cruises. Shanghai Cruise Port has three international cruise terminals: Wusongkou Cruise International Terminal, Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, and Waigaoqiao International Cruise Terminal.

You will get the following information on this page:

There isno direct public transportbetween the cruise port terminals and downtown Shanghai and other cities. The most recommended option is to book a transfer service with us. We are confident our service beats taxis for cost, comfort, and convenience.If you need any help, please feel free tocontact us.

Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal (or Wusongkou Cruise Port) is the best-built port in Shanghai. It is located in Paotaiwan Bay, where the Yangtze River meets the Huangpu River and flows into the sea. It is the Yangtze River Delta shipping junction.

The natural water depth advantage and top municipal and service infrstructure make Wusongkou the  best cruise terminal. The cruise terminal has a constant depth of 9 to 13 meters in its forepart, 1 to 2 kilometers from the Yangtze main channel. The frontage of the terminal is 1,500 meters in length and 3040 meters in width.

Its enables 3 big cruise ships of 100,000150,000 tons to berth at the same time. The total area of its harbor district is more than 160 hectares, of which the core zone takes 49 hectares.

Wusongkou Cruise Port is about 25 km from Shanghai center city.

There is no direct public transportation between the port and Shanghai city center. You can go to the port by subway or taxi. By subway, you may need to change lines, and walk some way. The most convenient way is tobook a transfer service or take a taxi.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

From Wusongkou Cruise Port to Other Cities

Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal

There is no direct transportation between the port and other cities like Suzhou, Hangzhou, and Nanjing. The best way to go from the port to these places is tobook a private transfer servicein ntact usand let us help you get where you want to go.

Our5-day private touroffers youa chance to see Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou without hassles.

If you prefer to go to other cities on your own, we would like to give you some suggestions as follows.

Suzhouis about 117 km from Wusongkou Cruise Port. The most convenient way to go to Suzhou is to take a taxi from the port. It takes about 2½ hours. You can also take a taxi or subway as above to Shanghai Railway Station, and a bullet train to Suzhou.

Hangzhouis about 205 kilometers from Wusongkou Cruise Port, 3 hours drive. The best way to go to Hangzhou is to get to Shanghai Hongqiao Railway Station as above. It takes about 70 minutes. The ticket price is 78124 yuan.

Nanjingis about 300 kilometers from Wusongkou Cruise Port. It takes about four hours by taxi. We recommend getting to Shanghai Railway Station as above, and taking a bullet train to Nanjing. The trip takes about one hour and 40 minutes.

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal is the largest cruise port terminal in Shanghai. It is located on the Huangpu River, near the downtown area, with a water front of 880m, covering 41 hectares.

It can berth three large passenger liners of 70,000 tons80,000 tons at the same time, with an annual passenger throughput of 1 million .

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port Cruise Terminal, the third port cruise terminal in Shanghai, is located at Waigaoqiao in Pudong New Area, about 6 kilometers from Wusongkou Port, 30 kilometers from downtown Shanghai. The water in this port is about 12.5 meters deep, which can berth the worlds largest cruise ship. The length of the port is about 990 m.

It can berth four large cruise ships at the same time. When ships larger than 87,000 tons can not get to Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal, because of the low bridge over the Huangpu River, they berth at Waigaoqiao Port or Wusongkou Port.

Shanghai Pudong International Airport

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport

Chinese and Pronunciations You May Need

Shnghi Wsngku Guj Yuln Gng /shung-high woo-song-koh gwor-jee yo-lwnn gung/

1 Baoyang Road, Wusongkou, Baoshan District, 1

Shnghi Guj Kyn Zhngxn /shung-high gwor-jee ker-ywnn jong-sshin/

500 Daming Road, Hongkou District, 500

Shnghi Wigoqio Gng Q Mtu /shung-high why-gaoww-chyaoww gung chyoo maa-toh/

Shanghai Wusongkou International Cruise Terminal:

Shnghi Wsngku Guj Yuln Gng /shung-high woo-song-koh gwor-jee yo-lwnn gung/

Shanghai Port International Cruise Terminal:

Shnghi Guj Kyn Zhngxn /shung-high gwor-jee ker-ywnn jong-sshin/

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Port Zone Wharf:

Shnghi Wigoqio Gng Q Mtu /shung-high why-gaoww-chyaoww gung chyoo maa-toh/

Shnghi Huch Zhn /shung-high hwor-cher jan/

Shnghi Hngqio Huch Zhn /shung-high hong-chyaoww hwor-cher jan/

Shnghi Nn Zhn /shung-high nan jan/

Shanghai Pudong International Airport:

Shnghi Pdng Guj Jchng /shang-high poo-dong gwor-jee jee-chung/

Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport:

Shnghi Hngqio Guj Jchng /shang-high hong-chyaoww gwor-jee jee-chung/

Qng di w do /ching digh wor daoww /

Things to Know about Planning Your Shanghai Trip

Getting a Visa or No Need to Get a Visa?

From Jan. 30, 2016,144-hour visa-free transit policywas implemented to facilitate passport holders of 51 countries to enjoy a visa-free stay up to 144 hours when making a transfer via Shanghai ports.

If you meet the relevant qualifying criteria of the policy, you wont need to obtain a visa in advance.

Since October 1st, 2016, Shanghai has adopteda15-day visa-free policyfor foreign tourist groups entering Chinaby cruise.

During the visa exemption period, passengers travelling with the ship are not only allowed to visit Shanghai, but also to travel to other Chinese coastal cities (including Beijing and Tianjin) and provinces (including Liaoning, Hebei, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Fujian, Guangdong, Guangxi and Hainan).Click to see the detailed information.

Public transportation in Shanghai is well developed. But it is not easy for a foreigner to figure out the complex transport network.

If you want no hassles, we recommend youtravel with a professional travel company like us, who will take care of getting you where you want to go. Then you can enjoy a comfortable and relaxing tour.We are here to help.

If your time is limited, you can spend one day to visit the most famous sites in Shanghai city, includingthe BundYu Gardenthe Oriental Pearl TV TowerShanghai Museum. In the evening, it is enjoyable totake a relaxing cruiseon the Huangpu River.

If your time permits, you can take a 23 day extension tour toSuzhouorHangzhou. You will be amazed by classical Chinese gardens, and tranquil water towns.

Need any help with your stay in Shanghai? Just tell us your times of arrival/departure and what youd like to do, and welltailor-make a tourthats right for you.

Here are three customizable Shanghai itineraries for your inspiration:

Cruise Port Terminals Transfer Service

: Take you to visit the must-see attractions of Shanghai.

2 Days Shanghai Port Transfer with City Tour

Not interested in the above tours? You cantailor-make your own unique tourby telling us your interests and requirements. We will help you design a perfect trip.

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